2018 and Me

2018 is firmly under way, but with the better weather still to make an appearance, the snow has come and gone and is now snowing as I write this. What's truly been happening with this mad wee spell in the weather.....

For me 2018 has been an interesting year so far, with various emotions running through my veins, what can seem like a great thing can change in the blink of an eye. Don't get me wrong 2018, has so far had ups and downs, but it has added a certain perspective in the way I feel about myself and my photography. The hardest thing has been the fact that I have a huge amount of self doubt, which can be so so hard to try and overcome. I fight it on a daily basis and the few people that know me well, say I hide behind my smile and my laugh along with the words "no worries". 

To me the only thing to escape my constant fears and worries are with my trusty camera and my car keys, that latter which I locked in my car last week whilst out on a shoot. Thankfully I had a spare about 30 mins drive away and have family willing to drop it off to me. However that was an interesting day in general, being chased by storm clouds and eventually escaping them and being blown away by the sunset and Golden hour at Loch Leven. So every cloud has a silver lining.  

Even though I have this self doubt and anxiety with myself, I'm a hell of a lot better at providing support to friends and family. No idea why, could it be that I don't want people to ask me about me and that I'd rather others were ok before me, well that is a distinct possibility. 

This has become a bit more personal than I'd planned but I appreciate you reading this. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has these thoughts on occasion.


2018 for my photography has been fun, especially with the interesting waves and shocking weather. I've got a few wedding shoots this year too, so truly can't wait to shoot these to make the memories for these lovely people. 

Ohh!!! and if the grammar is a bit rubbish, I'm sorry too, not my strong point.