Camera back, so I guess I'm back too.........

So with my camera back from repair it would be rude not to take complete advantage of a crisp morning down the coast. When the weather starts to change you have to change to go with it, so today I headed down the East Neuk in Fife with Crail the destination.

Alarm set for 6:30 am and bag prepared the night before. First things first, look out the window to assess the conditions. Clear sky and with it being November, well that only meant one thing, absolutely freezing. So Long Johns and thick jeans at the ready, along with an Aldi special base layer, a cool Last Exit to Nowhere movie T-shirt, some cheap fleece, a not so cheap but ancient Mountain Hardware softshell and my traffic stop coloured Bergans of Norway outdoor jacket. Safe to say I was ready to take on what the morning had in show for me. 

Out the Door to a very frosty white street and my blue Fiat Punto Active Sport, looked like it had aged a few years more than the 54  plate says. Prepared with warmish water to get my doors open,I was almost ready to hit the road. Well that was until I found out that I had ice on the inside of my window. A little issue considering my car isn't a fan of holding heat, no joke I cant put the heat on unless I want the engine management light to come on. How it's still going baffles me, but I need to make do with this dream machine for now. So With the window cleared I decided to reverse up the road due to my car not being fitted with sticky, non crash tyres for the downhill descent from my humble abode.

So on the road I go, thankfully the gritters had been out to the important roads but there was still a few white corners as I made my way to Crail. However the white frosty corners were on  the opposite side of the road so I was pretty happy. After about 30 mins drive I safely arrived in Crail, I could see the light beginning to change so wanted to get to the beach fairly pronto. But with a new location in mind due to a recommendation by a fellow Fife photographer in the Name of Calum Archibald. I only vaguely knew where I was heading, however I saw a road near the Crail Golf course and with a coastal path sign, I was pretty sure I was on the right track.

Well this road clearly hadn't been gritted and I thought I was going to have to attach my make believe snow chains to The Blue Active, just to get down the road. However as I dont drive like a crazy man It ended up being absolutely fine. I head down the road for around 2 mins and I found a wee car park and headed out to catch the sun coming up.

With my Scarpa boots laced up and camera gear round the shoulders, then my rocket launcher Manfrotto tripod over another shoulder,  I was heading towards the coastline. Im always a bit apprehensive when I'm off to a new location, until I see whats infront of me. It was about another 2 mins from where I parked to the coastline, so really not that far to go.

Well If you've followed me over the last little while, well you'll know that I like a moody seascape. Well this place was full of possibilities. Straight off the line I managed to get a moody shot of the warm glowing sun warming up the frozen cobbles, with a little sea motion. I had to be pretty careful as a lot of the pebbles were rather white and slippy. So I mainly stayed in 1 location and just experimented with the stones and rocks that were in front of me. 

But what a great location and if you like a pebbled beach then this place should be on your radar. One downside to my trip out this morning, it was the first time I'd tried my Sigma lens since I scratched the top of it recently. I thought it was ok after I'd used it before, however this trip out I noticed at times I had some interesting lensflare. So after xmas It looks like I'll have to get it either repaired or a new one. Not sure what I'll do at the moment. keep following me to find out how I get on in the meantime.

One last thing which you'll either laugh or sympathise with me, well it was early and prior to a coffee, so I think my mind was going a little crazy. Anyway I'd been shooting for around 30/40 mins at this point, I saw a couple of areas that I wanted to explore, however that meant I left my bag on some rocks and ventured out onto some flatter rocks which were further out. I'd heard and saw a few dog walkers out but not seen any close to where I was, so I thought leaving my bag where it was, was going to be ok. Anyway I'd shot away for about another 10 mins and headed back to the beach. However when I got back I couldn't see my bag, I was searching around and I couldn't see it, so panic stations kicked it. I clambered up to the main path and walked to the edge, I saw someone in the distance but who knew if they had a bag or not, I looked the other way, no one there either. I was just thinking "I'VE BEEN ROBBED!!" What on earth do I do now!?! So I headed back to the area I was, searching left and right. Yeah as you expect my black manfrotto camera bag has great camouflage amongst the black rocks. I felt like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my morning story down to Crail and please follow me for updated stories and and photos. Todays shots are on my latest on my page, so please check them out.

Have a great weekend folks.